Yesterday: went to Bako National Park. It’s not even that far from Kuching, but of course it took FIVE hours to get there since we had to wait ages for the tide to be high enough for the boats. But I had gone with two people from my hostel (which is a really awesome place) and we met two more girls while waiting for the boat so it was fun.

Once there, we chose a 6km path and started hiking through the hot-as jungle, hoping to see some interesting animals. Fail. All we saw were some squirrels and giant ants—that is, until we got back to the entrance area and saw a ton of proboscis monkeys (see pic—so ugly), macaques, wild boar, and flying squirrels. Sooo that 2.5 hour sweaty hike was sort of pointless.

Today I met the two girls from yesterday for breakfast and Sunday Market. Then I met other hostel people for a trip to an orangutan rehabilitation center. We were pretty pessimisstic because there were so many noisy kids that we thought the orangutans would be scared away, but we ended up seeing seven, which is a lot. They were so cool to watch!

Now, tonight I will relax and make plans for tomorrow, my last day in Borneo!


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